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Visa Application System

A visa is a permission granted to a foreigner to enter and remain in the United Republic of Tanzania for a specific period of time. A visa is issued to a visitor, who intends to enter into the country for the purpose of visit, tourism, leisure, holiday, business, health treatment, attending conference, or any other related activities recognised by the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania.


It should be noted that the possession of Visa is not a final authority to enter the United Republic of Tanzania. The immigration officer at the entry point may refuse a holder of visa to enter, if he/she is satisfied that the holder is unable to fulfil the United Republic of Tanzania’s immigration entry requirements or if the presence of such person or visitor in the United Republic of Tanzania would be contrary to the national interests or security.

Any foreigner seeking to enter the United Republic of Tanzania is subject to the following entry requirements:

  1. A passport or Travel Document which is valid for not less than six months;
  2. A Residence Permit or a Pass or his name is endorsed upon the same;
  3. A valid Visa (where applicable).
Entry Authorization

Upon complying with the entry requirements, a visitor is issued with a Visa or a Visitor's Pass with validity not exceeding three months.


This Visa is issued for a single entry to a visitor for a period not exceeding three months for the purpose of holidays, tourism, visiting, leisure, short time health treatment or any other activity legally recognized by the Law of the United Republic of Tanzania.


This Visa is issued to persons whose nature of their businesses or circumstances require them to make frequent visits to the United Republic of Tanzania. The maximum validity of this Visa is twelve months. However, the holder of the Multiple Visa cannot stay in the country for 12 consecutive months. They are required to leave the country at least after every three months.


This visa may be issued to a person for the purpose of transiting to another destination outside the United Republic of Tanzania for a period not exceeding seven days. The applicant of this visa is required to hold a visa of the destination country.


Business visa will be issued once to foreigners so as to allow them to enter in the United Republic of Tanzania for the following purposes such as to:

  1. To conduct special assignments such as fixing/repairing machines or to run short term training, etc.
  2. To conduct professional roles such as auditing accounts etc.
  3. To conduct lawful business according to the laws of the country.

An application of Visa should be accompanied with the following;

  1. Application forms duly filled in
  2. Certified copy of the applicant’s valid passport
  3. Attached soft copy of applicant’s photo (passport size)
  4. A proof of payment of respective visa fee

Other requirements will be determined by the type of visa

  1. Applicant’s valid passport (At least 6 months);
  2. Dully filled in visa application form
  3. Dully filled in declaration form
  4. Proof of payment of respective visa fee
  5. Soft copy of recent passport size photograph
  1. Visa application form duly filled in
  2. Security Bond duly filled
  3. Valid passport copy of the invitee
  4. Soft copy of recent passport size photograph
  5. Documents of the Company like TIN, VAT, Registration Certificate, Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum etc
  6. Any other evidence to prove that the applicant is bound to travel frequently into the United Republic of Tanzania.
  1. Copy of the applicant’s valid passport;
  2. An entry visa or onward ticket to the intended country of destination;
  3. Respective visa fee;
  4. 1 passport size photograph
  1. A valid passport
  2. A work contract or any proof of the work/assignment to be performed within a period not exceeding three months;
  3. Respective visa fee;
  4. 1 passport size photograph.
Referral Cases

There are some countries which their nationals require special clearance from the Commissioner General of Immigration or the Commissioner of Immigration (Zanzibar) prior to issuance of the Visa. These countries fall under the Referral Visa Category.

Applicants whose nationals fall under this category are not advised to book flight tickets or make payments for any reservations in Tanzania before they get approval for their Visa. Applicants of Referral Visa are advised to apply at least two months before their date of travel.


Stateless persons and Refugees who hold Vienna Convention documents are also required to obtain referral visa prior to coming to United Republic of Tanzania.

  • • Afghanistan
  • • Azerbaijan
  • • Bangladesh
  • • Chad
  • • Djibouti
  • • Ethiopia
  • • Eritrea
  • • Equatorial Guinea
  • • Kazakhstan Republic
  • • Kyigten Republic
  • • Lebanon
  • • Mali
  • • Mauritania
  • • Niger
  • • Palestine
  • • Senegal
  • • Somalia
  • • Sri Lanka
  • • Somali land
  • • Sierra Leone
  • • Tajikistan
  • • Turkmenistan
  • • Uzbekistan and
  • • Stateless persons or persons with refugee status.
  • • Antigua & Barbuda
  • • Anguilla
  • • Ashmore & Certie Island
  • • Bahamas
  • • Barbados
  • • Bermuda
  • • Belize
  • • Brunei
  • • British Virgin Island
  • • British Indian Ocean Territory
  • • Botswana
  • • Cyprus
  • • Cayman Island
  • • Channel Island
  • • Cocoas Island
  • • Cook Island
  • • Christmas Island
  • • Dominica
  • • Falkland Island
  • • Gambia
  • • Ghana
  • • Gibraltar
  • • Grenada
  • • Guernsey
  • • Guyana
  • • Heard Island
  • • Hong Kong
  • • Isle of man
  • • Jamaica
  • • Jersey
  • • Kenya
  • • Kiribati
  • • Lesotho
  • • Malawi
  • • Montserrat
  • • Malaysia
  • • Madagascar
  • • Malta
  • • Mauritius
  • • Macao
  • • Mozambique
  • • Nauru
  • • Naue Island
  • • Norfolk Island
  • • Namibia
  • • Papua new Guinea
  • • Rwanda
  • • Romania
  • • Ross Dependency
  • • Samoa
  • • Seychelles
  • • Singapore
  • • Swaziland
  • • Solomon Island
  • • St. Kitts&Navis
  • • St. Lucia
  • • St. Vicent
  • • St. Helana
  • • South African Republic
  • • Trinidad & Tobago
  • • Turks & Caicos
  • • Tokelan
  • • Tonga
  • • Tuvalu
  • • Vanuatu
  • • Uganda
  • • Zambia
  • • Zimbabwe

Possession of a Visa for United Republic of Tanzania does not provide automatic right of entry for the holder into the Country. The Immigration Officer at the port of entry may refuse entry to any person, if he is satisfied that such a person is unable to fulfil the immigration requirements or that such person's presence in the United Republic of Tanzania would be contrary to national interests or security.

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